Hmong people and Customs are completely cool

When it comes to hiking and taking trails that are way out there, nobody can rough it like the mountainous Hmong people. Most of them in the old country don’t even wear hiking shoes. The Hmong people ( is a traditional group from the mountain areas of Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and China. You know, the Hmong is one of the subgroups of the Miao cultural tradition in the Southern China. The Hmong people began a gradual southward migration eighteenth century because of political unrest in order to search more arable location. Hmong people generally have their terms for their sub-cultural category. Hmong Leng and Hmong Der are the terms of the 2 largest categories in the Southeast Asia and the United States.

Hmong People- Language and celebrations

You can find 2 different categories of Hmong people they are Green Hmong and White Hmong, both categories will speak mutually dialects of Hmong language, with a few differences in vocabulary and pronunciation. Hmong groups named after the dominant patterns or colors of their theme of head-dress, provinces from which they come or dominant patterns or colors of their traditional clothing.

The Best New Year Celebration, irrespective of culture and tradition on this Earth has to be like that of Hmong People. This is because the celebration goes on so many days and it includes several kinds of components which might be easy for some people to forget everything about the celebration if they have not lived with them. During these days, you can find several Hmong people who were living in the U.S.

A brief glimpse into Hmong clothes

If you consider the clothing ( of the Hmong people, they are ethnically handmade which are done by the women of the family. At an early age, the girls are encouraged and taught to make the practice of needlework and hand embroidery or “paj ntaub”. They used to reproduce the complex designs which are associated with the each and every family and subgroup which may differ from place to place. The Hmong subgroups are recognized by the designs on their clothing. For instance, the Striped Hmong group used to wear arm bands and stripes on their headgear.

Hmong people village clothes

Hmong people in village clothes.

Based on the subgroups the Hmong clothing portrays, the designs which are made in the jewelry, headgear, skirt and arm bands differ. For instance, the Green Hmong clothing is dyed indigo with the needlework while the White Hmong wears plain white pleated skirts. In addition to the optional beads and coins to dress up the outfit, Hmong jewelry includes a silver earrings, bracelets and neck pieces. You have to keep in mind that, the designs of the silver pieces may differ based on the region and subgroup.