How to prepare the dog for dock competition

Dogs love to fetch toys and papers when it is thrown at them. In addition, they like to swim in the water also. If your dog posses above traits then they may be considered as a dock dog. Due to above reason, training process becomes relatively easy. In this article, dock dog event is discussed along with some tips on training. So, you must know about the dock dog events. Several events are arranged in Sacramento, California.

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About Dock Dog event

Popularity of dock dog event is increasing as a sport with each passing day. It has earned a certain amount of reputation in the dog show circuit. It is necessary for the pet to stay within the line before commencement of tournament. During this event, dog generally runs at high speed. In between, they may look for floating toys within the water as well. If the dog manages to jump optimum amount of distance then it can be considered as a winner.

In dock dog competition, adult dog is also allowed. Restriction may not be observed in terms of breed also. Love for the water is important to motivate the dog further. T-shirts with a defined logo is generally worn by both the pet and pet owner. Logo is generally created on the t-shirt with the assistance from screen printing. In this way, identification of the dog is done in most occasions.

How can you train the dog?

Training for this competition is not too complicated. However, agility and obedience is required on the occasion. Requirement of any other skill may not be seen. It is better to keep the dog healthy and fit all the time. Recommendation from the veterinarians may be required to participate in the competition.

Retrieving techniques are taught by the trainers. Favorite toys must be used in the beginning. It is better to give the training in the dry land first. Reward is often given on a successful retrieval of toys. It is possible to gift the dog t-shirts with screen prints. Training in the land can be continued till they perform the job without any further encouragement.

If they manage to master the job in the land then you may train them in water. Shallow water can be used at the beginning for safety. The training process must be kept lively. Timid behavior can be expected from the dog. Rewards must be offered at every given occasion.

As the dog becomes proficient, you may take them into deep water. Challenges for the dog can be enhanced through the water level. However, dog must not be pushed in to water at any given occasion. Techniques of retrieval from the water must be taught as well.

How can create a unique identity for the dog?

From California, these dog dock competition t-shirts with screen printing Sacramento  can be found at 7Prints. Clothing and accessories are made especially for the dog in a customized manner for the event especially. Through proper training and appearance, success can be achieved in a dog exercise event.